Krobo Machinery: supplier of concrete machinery

We specialize in the development and supply of instant demoulding machinery and the corresponding moulds for the concrete industry. The quality of your products can be increased using our improved vibration system.

The improved vibration system in our concrete machines

This vibration system vibrates at both high and low frequencies. The advantages being:

  • Higher quality products
  • Better compaction and less blowholes (air pockets)
  • Higher visual quality and strength

“Take, for example, a customer making U-channels. Using a traditional vibration system the customer was previously limited by dimensional stability issues to a 350 mm high product. The new system increases this to over 700 mm.”

Why Krobo Machinery?

Following 20 years of experience in the concrete industry we are fully at home with this material. We also have years of experience in using the instant demoulding technique with leading Dutch companies.

Krobo Machinery goes a step further than just building and installing the concrete machinery. We also provide production support during the start-up phase. Besides specialising in vibratory compaction, we design cement mixes to achieve the optimal quality concrete product.

We don’t just want your machines to run efficiently, your products must also meet the specified aesthetic requirements and strength grades. This means proper compaction with the most effective concrete mix composition.

We have developed and supplied machinery, moulds, and clamps to invert products to many Dutch and international companies.

Krobo Machinery has extensive expertise in concrete machinery, moulds and concrete technology.
Krobo machinery also supplies all types of vibrating tables, product/mould handling equipment and moulds.