KVKM Krobo pouring and inverting machine

The KVKM Krobo pouring and inverting machine is a production unit that is used for serial production.

The mobile machine is fitted with a special vibrating beam that can lift and invert. It features a pallet lifter for the supply of empty pallets. The machine is fitted under a steel frame under which a filler box moves along the x and y axes to fill the moulds. At the front of the filler box is a scraping unit providing a quick and clean finish of the filled mould. This unit has been constructed in such a way that no compaction of the concrete in the filler box takes place during the scraping.

When the mould has been filled and finished a pallet is rotated onto the mould. Subsequently the product can be demoulded as the machine can lift and invert at the same time. The KVKM Krobo then moves to the pallet piles, where it returns an empty pallet.

The machines are fitted with a 1000 mm to 7000 mm vibrating beam, with a width of 1800 mm. The maximum height is 700 mm. The machines can use varying mould heights. This is easy to adjust so that the correct mould can be used for each product height, optimally exploiting the vibration unit.