KPPRM Krobo product and pallet clearing machine

The KPPRM Krobo Product and pallet clearing machine is the machine at the end of the line that clears the products, inverts the pallets and places them on the return route.

The machine features a so-called clearance lifting beam to which several types of clamp are mounted. These clamps can be hydraulic, pneumatic or suction. This enables several product types to be cleared from the machine. The clamps that are mounted under the clearance lifting beam have been constructed so that they can also be used by a forklift truck.

This machine is located at the end of the line and is mobile, so that it can place the products in different piles, after which a pallet can be picked up, inverted and placed on the return route. This can be fully automated to give the operator time to secure and move the completed stacks.