KVKM Compact

The KVKM Compact is a fully mobile production machine similar to the KVKM. This machine is very compact and is provided with an integrated concrete filler box with scraping unit.

The KVKM Compact is a very complete machine, fitted with a special vibrating beam which can lift and invert. A filler box located in the frame of the machine moves along the x and y axes of the machine, filling the mould with concrete. The KVKM Compact finishes the product using the built-in scraping unit. After the mould has been filled and finished, a pallet can be rotated on the machine using a pallet lift or pallet crane. The machine will then place the product on the ground once it has moved to the demoulding position.

The KVKM Compact is unique because it can demould on the ground as well as on a pallet.

The machine is very compact, fully featured and provides the following benefits:

  • Very short assembly time (machine starts production within a day)
  • Ideal for production at different locations
  • Few adjustments needed at / to production location

This machine can be fully dismantled and is easy to transport. Only the filler box needs to be removed for transport by lorry. The advantage of this is that the machine can be easily moved from location to location. The machine can also be fully dismantled for transport in a container, after which the machine can be assembled and be ready for production within a day.

The machines can be fitted with a 1000 mm to 4000 mm vibrating beam, with a width of 1200 mm. The maximum height is 700 mm.